Social Engineering Impacts: A Cyber Attack You Should Know in 2023

September 6, 2023

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As technology is expanding day by day, people started using their skills to target businesses to breach sensitive data or information. You might be aware of the malicious cyber-attacks in various industries and businesses. But, have you heard about social engineering? It is an overwhelming threat among the cyber-attacks facing the business world. It includes tricking people to encompass and access the organization’s data and insights leading to dangerous cyber attacks.

Even though it is a trending threat in this era, social engineering is an old-time practice. If you are a novice to this term, no worries. Read this blog to get some insights on social engineering impacts and types of it.

All About Social Engineering

What is social Engg

Social engineering is a technological practice discovered by Dutch industrialist J.C Van Marken in 1894 to tackle human challenges with technological advancements. But, due to the expansion of the digital world, social engineering became an open way to manipulate people. It is one of the trending malicious cyber attacks resulting in security errors and the leaking of sensitive information or data.

Social engineering is a practice that physiologically manipulates users and encourages them to make security mistakes and exploit or disclose sensitive data and information. Nowadays, you might have heard about the cyber crimes that are taking place like malware, brute force, etc.

Is Social Engineering Dangerous than Other Cyber Attacks?

Social Engg Real Threat

Unlike these cyber attacks, social engineering is practiced by understanding the way people think and act. These attacks always begin with a casual conversation between the attackers and users. The main goal of the attackers to conduct social engineering is to disrupt the user data to exploit the business or gain access to valuable information or money.

The attackers, also known as social engineers, may or may not contact you directly but create a fake identity to build your trust. They will manipulate and deceive you for sensitive information or motivate you to make a security error to execute the hack.

With the help of these errors or looted information, the social engineer will access your account by the acquired passwords or steal the identity resulting in the exploitation of the business.

If you research the famous social engineering attacks, you will find the Google and Twitter spear phishing attacks that occurred in 2009. This is an example of social engineering where hackers targeted the Google accounts of human activists. Using spear phishing emails, they affected Twitter resulting in data breaches and exposed user information.


5 Social Engineering Attack Types You Should Know

Social Engg Attack Types

Are you curious to know more about the various ways through which social engineering is conducted? Here are some types of social engineering that you should be aware of.

Spear Phishing

You might have heard about the phishing scams commonly faced by individuals or organizations through emails and text messages. It arouses a sense of curiosity or urgency in the user’s mind encouraging them to take false actions like sharing access or revealing sensitive data.

But what about spear phishing? Yes, it sounds specific. Spear phishing is a method where attackers choose a specific individual or organization by gathering their information. They target the users, they create a buzz by sending false emails or text messages that might be relatable to them. This will motivate the users or victims to share or change their passwords. There is also a chance for the attackers to share a link that would take the users to a malicious page to launch the cyber attack. It is one of the most dangerous social engineering cyber attacks.


Building trust is the first step for an attacker to execute a pretexting type of social engineering. With a series of scripted lies, the attackers imitate a bank employee or a person with authority and start a conversation with the user. They convey the need for sensitive information or credentials to complete urgent or significant tasks.

The attackers ask questions to the victims that would reveal their identity and personal information like address, social security numbers, contact number, phone records, and more.


Tailgating, known as piggybacking, is a type of physical social engineering. This cyber attack is about an unauthorized person gaining access to a restricted area. Unlike other cyber attacks, Tailgating is a process where users use the password or credential obtained by manipulating the users or other employees.

Their purpose of invading the restricted area through tailgating might be destroying the property or getting access to some sensitive data.


You can guess the meaning of the process by hearing the term- Baiting. It is a type of social engineering that prompts the victims with false promises and boosts their curiosity. This way, they loot personal information and exploit the user’s system or accounts. The victims pick the bait that leads to installing the malware into their systems. The attackers also launch the attack through online forms that will redirect to malicious websites for exploitations.


You might have heard about some awareness provided in organizations about false alarms and alerts. Scareware is a type of social engineering that manipulates people or an employee of a particular company to think that their system is affected by malware. It will initiate fear in their minds, encouraging them to install software that would open the doors for attackers to exploit the systems.

One of the common scareware attacks would be a popup banner message, which you often view while browsing. Some messages might be ‘Virus detected on your computer’ or ‘Computer is infected with spyware programs’. You can also experience these spyware attacks via emails.

Be Skeptical of Social Engineering Threats via Cybersecurity Solutions

Even though people have been the victims of cyber attacks for years, social engineering is one of the most dangerous cyber attacks that some people are not aware of. It encourages social engineers to find the prey for their cyber attacks.

Social engineers are experts in manipulating and deceiving human minds to draw traps by triggering fear, curiosity, and anxiety. It’s better to be apprised of these malicious attacks to safeguard your sensitive files or organizations. The increasing cyber-attacks have encouraged many organizations to look for effective cyber security agency.

Are you searching for a better way to secure your business and avoid these cyber attacks? We are here to help you with the best cybersecurity services. Dive into our website to explore cybersecurity Solutions and grow your business with secure boundaries.

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