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Every day is not just a working day for us, we go to work to innovate, share ideas and create small wonders, making the world a little simpler and more connected place each day.

Though global, our minds are always busy as a bee finding out cutting-edge digital solutions backed with a steady architectural backbone that makes us dive deeper and get to the heart of the evolving models.



More to technology & innovation than meets the eye

Being a technology services company for 15 years with 1000+ strengths, we are a 360-degree technology solution provider, right from product conceptualization to product maturity.

Our development roadmap tracks progress and execution, with intuitive design practices to achieve our client’s organizational goals and create products and IT services that users love.

Our Story

A journey from ordinary to extraordinary!

We Terralogians came into being in 2008 and since then we do everything possible to solve human problems with solutions that make practical sense and not just in theory. We are a global family, kindred to think about innovations, by making our products and solutions more sustainable. Today in 2023, we are a diverse global team who are continuously making a positive impact in the digital transformation space. Bringing innovation in little things, inspiring solutions and products that users actually need.


Driving innovation through new-age technology



Process faster and better so that you can maintain your market advantage and leadership.



Humanizing tech for the competitive landscape for meaning-driven technology innovations.



Redefining business solutions with reliable systems and dedicated services, serving holistic solutions.



Our Leaders not only step beyond power-consulting our customers at the right time and on the right aspect; they believe in delivering finesse, along with added values.

Renil Komitla
Renil Komitla

Founder & CEO

Renil Komitla
Rama Kini

EVP, Software Services

Renil Komitla
Venkat Nandimandalam

EVP, Enterprise Applications

Renil Komitla
Anil Reddy

Marketing Director

Renil Komitla
Sandeep V

EVP, Cybersecurity & Cloud

Renil Komitla
Venkatesh J

VP, Managed Services

Renil Komitla
Manoj Reddy

VP, Software Services

Renil Komitla
Matt Ramsey

President, Cloud and IT services

Renil Komitla
Sandeep Metta

SVP, Global Operations

Renil Komitla
Jenny Nguyen

VP, Finance/Corporate Controller

Renil Komitla
Maqsood Ahmed

VP, Sofware Services

Board members

Renil Komitla
Renil Komitla

Founder & CEO

Renil Komitla
Rama Kini

EVP Software Services

Renil Komitla
Duncan Robertson

Partner, Bridger

Renil Komitla
Jim Davidson

Management Committee, Bridger


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  • Certified ISO/IEC 27001:2017

    Terralogic is proud to be recognized as one of the certified organizations under the ISO/IEC 27001:2017 certification.

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  • Terralogic announces the acquisition of Codebele, a Bellari-based software development firm

    Terralogic Software Solutions, a global leader in cybersecurity, IT, and software services, has announced the acquisition of Codebele, a Bellari-based software development company.

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  • Terralogic Inc. Invests in Azure Expert, Microsoft Focused Tridius Technologies

    Terralogic Solutions Inc., a leading global technology consulting firm backed by Paxion Capital, announces a majority investment in Tridius Technologies,

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  • Terralogic announces strategic partnership with US-based Stellar Cyber, innovator of open XDR.

    We are excited to announce our partnership with Stellar Cyber, the world’s first open XDR (eXtended Detection and Response) platform - the only intelligent, next-gen security operations platform.

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  • Certified ISO 9001:2015

    Terralogic is proud to be recognized as one of the certified organizations under the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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