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Find gaps in your website/app experience, and get immediate solutions for improvement.

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It’s all about

Identifying gaps and finding solutions

Design consistency influences the website/app experience for customers. Deviation in website/app experience can affect customer trust and likability negatively.


Business owners, managers, founders, designers and developers can sometimes get far too close to their website/app to notice flaws in it. Design audits provide an unbiased and objective view of the website/app’s strengths and weaknesses and provide actionable design direction.


What do we do?

Our experts thoroughly examine all elements of the website app based on business objectives, metrics, and usability standards. They then list down the areas of improvement and recommend solutions to improve the overall experience.



How do we do it?

  • Understand the goals

    Understand the goals

    Our UX/UI experts discuss the main business and usability objectives with stakeholders with the help of a workshop.

  • Understand the goals

    Record findings

    We create an evaluation document that records the main UX/UI obstacles and gaps in style, hierarchy, typography.

  • Understand the goals

    Review the website/app

    With the help of heuristics evaluation and design principles framework, our team goes through the customer journey, brand guidelines and reviews your website/app.

  • Understand the goals

    Recommend solutions

    We suggest solutions, roadmaps, quick wins and strategic design directions in the form of a detailed report.

frequently asked


  • Design audits should be performed prior to the major redesign of a product or website. Audits can also be performed proactively – once every 2 years – outside of the major design cycles of the product, to ensure that the product continues to serve user needs, and lives up to usability standards.

  • There are many direct and indirect benefits of performing Design Audits. Audits can have a direct and positive impact on conversion rates, lead generation and engagement. Design audits can also improve the design and usability of a website, which in turn will lead to happier customers who require less customer support.

  • Length of the audit entirely depends on the scope of the project. Audits can last from a week to a month, depending on the length and breadth of the application, product or platform.

  • Here are the best times to run usability tests :

    • When you want to benchmark an existing experience :

      Test your current product to identify issues and bottlenecks to help you figure out what to focus on next.

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