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We make new-age software meet hardware through smart embedded design and integration services.

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DevOps throughout product life cycle

Today, embedded software is at the heart of the functioning of all smart devices, and we understand that the need to keep up with rapid changes in technology is at the heart of your organizational goals.

Our aim is to work with your goals to provide you with top-notch embedding engineering services just like you need.

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High-performance embedded systems

We work closely with your operations, so that we can help you reduce operating costs, while improving product delivery turnaround time.

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SW/FW Development

You approach us and we define the architecture of the software or firmware. Next, embedded systems that run on any Linux based platform are designed and implemented.

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Platform development

We look into the development of middleware and integration of 3rd party applications for automotive dashboard entertainment. These systems help monitor different vehicle parameters, automatically.

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Yocto-based Linux

Your need for embedding is fulfilled, independent of the architecture of the hardware. We take care to ensure that Linux distributions are embedded along with IoT software, regardless of what hardware you have. The Yocto project focuses on creating customised images and SDK for you.

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Integration & testing

First we embed, then we test! You deserve the best return on your investment and it is our promise to give you the best results of our embedded engineering endeavour.


Embedded platform development

Space and resource constraints are not a challenge anymore, because our team of designers follows a system on module (SOM) based approach to building efficient, highly performing and reliable IoT devices. This means that now an advanced processor is easy to come by and our team focuses on making sure it serves you well.



  • Embedded software is computer software, composed to control machines of embedded development companies like IoT gadgets, automotive systems, medical gadgets, and customer hardware or gadgets that are not ordinarily thought of as computers, commonly known as inserted frameworks. It is ordinarily specialized for the specific equipment that it runs on and has time and memory imperatives. Embedded computer programs enable gadgets to connect with their environment, prepare information, execute commands, and perform particular assignments independently. It can encourage communication between gadgets and outside frameworks, empowering consistent integration and usefulness. Generally, embedded software plays a basic part within the usefulness and operation of different electronic gadgets.

  • Embedded builders and software developers focus on distinct areas of software development. embedded software services on developing software for embedded systems, which includes microcontrollers or IoT devices, in which space and processing strength are restrained. They work carefully with hardware additives. software developers, on the other hand, design and build applications and structures for widespread-motive computing platforms. While each role requires programming skills, embedded builders have knowledge in low-stage programming and hardware interaction, while software developers work with better-degree software program frameworks and systems.

  • Embedded Software Engineering is the process of controlling various devices and machines that are different from traditional computers, using software engineering. Integrating software engineering with non-computer devices leads to the formation of embedded systems. Embedded systems are typically popular in medical science, consumer electronics, manufacturing science, aviation, automotive technology.

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