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Facts About Cyber Security you should know

March 27, 2019

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Cyber-attacks, ransomware, data breach incidents and the like are getting quite common. Increasing dependency of individuals and businesses on technology is seen as an opportunity for hackers who come up with innovative ways to launch attacks and steal critical information. With increasing cyber threats, it becomes essential for companies and individuals to opt for secure cyber-security services that could combat even advanced threats. Here are some crucial facts about cyber-security that you must know and understand why you need the services of a cyber-security company.

FBI listed 41 cyber-criminals in its Most Wanted list of 2018

FBI’s Most Wanted List had the names of 19 cyber-criminals in the year 2016 which grew to 41 in 2018. These criminals are responsible for causing losses ranging from $350,000 to $100 million.

The cost of data breaches is rising rapidly

As per the study of IBM, the average cost of data breaches to companies across the world in 2018 was about $3.86 million and the average time taken by a company to identify a breach is 196 days. Opting for enhanced services of cyber-security providers can help them combat such attacks quickly and prevent huge loses.

Internet of Things increases the possibility of cyber-attacks

Internet-connected devices are getting quite popular, and their number is expected to grow in years to come, but studies reveal that these connected devices contain numerous vulnerabilities that make them an easy target for cyber-attack. One requires expert cyber-security services that provide comprehensive coverage and protect your privacy.

A cyber-attack happens in every 39 seconds

Studies reveal that on an average a cyber-attack occurs in every 39 seconds, with non-secure passwords and usernames being easy to access points for attackers.

59% of employees steal crucial corporate data

Studies reveal that 59% of employees steel the proprietary data when they leave the company or are fired. Employees who have access to critical information may leak it outside on being tricked while some are careless and could accidentally delete or modify the data.

Cyber-security is a major concern for companies as well as individuals worldwide. No doubt the technology is evolving, but it is serving hackers too. Hence, one needs to be proactive and seek the services of efficient cyber-security providers for adequate protection against such threats.”

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