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Anything we do we are swift and thorough. We get our inspiration and motivation from our plethora of product thinking management teams. Our mid-level management not only takes care of the assigned work but goes one step beyond in power-consulting our customers at the right time and on the right aspect. Every employee of Terralogic zeal to find solutions be it internal or for our partners. Our employees are trained to handle pressure and aggressive deadlines. This approach towards customer sensitivity and delivery have given us abundant opportunity to add value in multiple domains and technologies. Partner with us, let’s achieve success together.

We have a significant presence in the US, India, Vietnam and Australia with a highly experienced and knowledgeable group of practitioners supporting the clients globally. Please find a detailed of our Locations here.

While we specialize in a wide range of industries, we solve specific Technology problems with leading cross-industry approaches, expert and advisory services in the areas of Digital Transformation, DevOps, Internet of Things (IOT), Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO and User experience (UI/UX) design solutions. We approach technology from a business perspective with business value creation at the forefront of our objectives. We not only develop business-driven technology strategies, we also bring development, implementation and operating services to our clients. We serve 360-degree technology solution, right from product conceptualization to product maturity in a broad range of technical skills through experts with an acute eye on stability and boosted productivity. Terralogic owns a 1000+ of strength and an experienced management syndicate who are disciplinary best-in-class.

Since 2008 Terralogic is rendering futuristic technology services for the forward-looking connected world. Our target centric DNA ensures ahead of the time engineering expertise in accordance with client roadmap and business needs. We carry long lasting partnership by fulfilling customer expectations and at the same time keeping business efficiency sound! As we hold a personalized and beyond business care for our customers, we keep a keen eye on real-time problem exactly the way our customers look at them and provide far fetching solutions at highly optimized cost levels. Terralogic provides advisory consulting and IT services for Automotive, Communications, Construction, E-commerce, Gaming, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Travel & Transportation industries. We make available Board Support Package, OS porting, driver development for development boards, developing firmware and bootloader for different platforms, middleware for multimedia package development, verification and integration for third party software.

The growth of the service industry in the past few decades has taken a vertical shift to a significant height. Terralogic has profoundly taken part in handling customer’s need with expertise and extensive industry expertise aids to encompass the futuristic technology for what lies ahead. Our service sector is hugely varied to define and to encompass in a liner. The industry is constantly evolving as it deals with changing economics, regulatory pressures and the growth of mobile banking. We’re here to help you stay in pace with time. Our services are into UI/UX experience designing where our capability is one of the best in pan India, Engineering services taking SAAS, Information Management System (IMS), Custom Development, Quality Assurance (QA) and Automation, collectively backed-up by multiple support services. We employ sustained services like workplace digitization, Hyperconverged, Cloud and Infra services. Not lagging behind, have made remarkable progress in the burgeoning entertainment industry too. While Terralogic gushes towards innovation and excellence, we make sure that at the same time our customer experience is made to turn into customer delight. Our increase in business efficiency following our innovative technology stack of Internet of Things, Cloud computing, Social computing, Mobility and Analytics is worth counting. Along with domain level branding, cloud master control, storage backup, digitizing, developing gateway solutions and multi-channel help desk support, we provide geotagging & GPS enabled services.