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Why Companies Choose Terralogic for
Salesforce Integration?
With experience completing over 500 projects and a 97% client satisfaction rate, Terralogic is the right partner for many leading brands.
Multiple Skill Sets By Salesforce Experts
Salesforce is not something that you can leverage with just a Salesforce admin. You will need skills and experience which is beyond a basic understanding of Salesforce. At Terralogic, we offer you certified and experienced resources capable of working on various Salesforce clouds. We expertise in enterprise architecture, integrations, and adherence to compliance.
We Enlighten You With Your Possible Wants
Don’t worry if you are really not sure of the business needs from Salesforce integration. Let us look into your system and we will consult with you over the wonderful possibilities. A possibility to leverage features such as manufacturing cloud to digitize contract management, where a single source of truth ensures transparency across departments or maybe accurately forecasting inventory based on Einstein predictive analytics.
Managed Services Are Flexible
Based on your needs, the resources can be adjusted every quarter. If there is a need to downsize the team we will ensure it is done, while if certain capabilities are required we will ensure that too. This also gives you the advantage to move ahead as per your budget for each quarter. We will always stand with you as a trusted partner.
Get The Best Out Of Salesforce Consultants
You might have completed the salesforce integration but are you really utilizing the salesforce capacity to its maximum? The needs of your business are not static. So in this dynamic world, your customers will keep asking for more and there will be business challenges that will need to be addressed.
Services And Solutions

What you get with our Salesforce Managed Services

We offer tailored managed services plans for Salesforce that are specifically designed to provide the appropriate expertise.

  • Salesforce Apps

    Customize Salesforce App Cloud to automate processes, develop AppExchange apps, and integrate third-party ERP systems.

  • Salesforce Lightning Components

    Enhance user experience with Salesforce Lightning Components and optimize your business with customized Salesforce Clouds.

  • Salesforce Einstein AI Solutions

    Boost performance by designing and implementing Customer, Service, and Business 360 solutions using Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

  • Salesforce Systems Integration Services

    Connect external systems and APIs for real-time Force.com apps, creating digital experiences focused on business outcomes.

  • Salesforce Migration Services

    Assisting organizations in migrating legacy systems to modern AI automation on Salesforce.

We are a CloudFiles partner

As a trusted partner, do more with CloudFiles, a document automation and sharing platform designed to streamline your workflow and boost productivity.

Know more about CloudFiles
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Why Us?

  • Seamless integration

    We enhance your Salesforce experience with seamless CloudFiles document management integration.

  • Enhanced Security

    With advanced encryption and permission settings, you can ensure your data’s safety.

  • Optimized Workflow

    Streamline document management, reduce workloads, and improve efficiency seamlessly with the ClouFiles interface.

Benefits of Having a Salesforce
for your Business
Access Salesforce's top-tier services to the greatest degree into your digital transformation strategy, with Terralogic as an experienced and competent partner.
Design & Development
Design and develop the best websites with the help of Cloud-based custom application development, reusable sites & forms, Salesforce UI UX design services, develop workflow automation reports and dashboards lightning components using AppExchange cloud marketplace.
Manage information that run across multiple business platforms and reduce manual data management with Salesforce integrations capabilities ranging from Web & Bulk services API’s, MuleSoft integration, Dell Boomi integrations, extensible cloud objects, custom & 3rd party plug-ins.
Data visualization
Visualize your data and gain better insights through data analytics with various tools that include Tableau data visualization, CRM dashboards, customized data models, Analytics Cloud, lightning reports and a range of visualization templates, which also helps boost customer engagement.
Drive sales
Salesforce assists in seamlessly integrating sales and marketing, with the help of Salesforce Sales and Salesforce Marketing Cloud services, which inadvertently leads to optimizing your sales process, enhancing lead generation, optimizing/reducing costs and thereby increasing efficiency, resulting in an upsurge in your overall revenue.
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