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  • Desktop as a service


  • Desktop as a service


  • Desktop as a service

    Power/Energy Sector

  • Desktop as a service


  • Desktop as a service


  • Desktop as a service


  • Desktop as a service


  • Desktop as a service


  • Desktop as a service

    Small & Medium business


Our Approach

  • Build


    We build elastic and adaptive cloud environments that can automate updates, implement metrics for security and performance (APM) to log and search so that you can focus on services, not servers.

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    Next, we monitor and equip the cloud services storage infrastructure to self-healing with all compliance guardrails. Reduce risks by deploying end-to-end cloud security, OWASP vulnerabilities, and cloud services management.

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    Finally, we ensure all security procedures are intact to minimize any probable failures. We automate system backups, data flow to any application and environment for seamless access.

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  • Terralogic has been our valued partner for Citrix and Nutanix as well as many of the hardware and software infrastructure needs with both onsite and remote support. We highly recommend them.

    Director of Networking

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  • Platinum Partner - Our Virtualization Partner
  • Platinum Partner - Our Virtualization Partner
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  • Platinum Partner - Our Virtualization Partner
  • Platinum Partner - Our Virtualization Partner
  • Platinum Partner - Our Virtualization Partner

Why Us?

Secured Virtualization
Secured virtualization
Free your business from the cost and burden of data center operations.
Secured Virtualization
Right Cloud Strategy
Let our specialists help you accelerate the value of the cloud.
Secured Virtualization
Top-notch Support
Reduce your risk of cybersecurity attacks and business-impacting downtime.

Virtual Desktop Anytime Anywhere Any device

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Secure cloud-platform for highly mobile workforce

Terralogic and sPower internal teams have worked together to create a technology infrastructure that allows the organization.Read more…

A virtualization model with less downtime

Backman Title’s focus remains on doing work right the first time. With over 100 years of experience, they take a detailed approach to identifying and eliminating title risksRead more…

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Technologies & Tools

Our approach combines the best of Usability design and the right selection of the technology stack.

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  • As the use of cloud security has grown, compliance requirements have required modifications because cloud platforms and services are expected to keep on adhering to a variety of international, federal, state, and local security laws, norms, and regulations. Compliance with cloud security standards is a necessity because it makes sure your business complies with all relevant laws, encrypts your data, and upholds trust among clients. Frequent audits & adherence to compliance framework enhance the overall security posture of Cloud service, reduce data breaches & ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

  • Cloud integration seamlessly brings together the data that helps businesses run – from sales and operations to strategy and financial planning. Cloud Service efficiently shares data & real-time communication to platforms, promotes collaboration & streamlines workflows. It's a system of tools & technologies that connect various applications, systems, and IT environments for the real-time exchange of data & processes. This enhance scalability, and flexibility & optimizes their operations while maximizing the benefits of diverse cloud service

  • Mobile cloud computing works by moving through different resources to improve the mobile user experience. Apps run on mobile devices send data requests over the internet to cloud computing. These Remote servers process the requests & return the exact response which is then displayed to the mobile users. This app interacts through the cloud accessing data & services in real-time. As Cloud Services oversees the infrastructure, security, and upkeep, this method promotes seamless collaboration, swift upgrades, and scalability.

  • The four middle cloud offerings embody Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Function as a Service (FaaS). IaaS gives virtualized computing assets, PaaS gives a platform for software improvement, SaaS offers software applications on-demand, and FaaS permits serverless computing. Cloud storage services are integral to those models, providing scalable, secure, and on hand data storage solutions for organizations and people throughout these cloud service categories.

  • Yes, cloud computing can be secure when proper precautions are taken. Cloud service providers deploy strong security measures including data encryption, firewalls, and access control to protect user information and assets. However, security ultimately depends on how well the user configures and manages their cloud services. Although user behaviors like robust password management & data protection also affect security. Always ensure trustworthy cloud service to reduce risky activities & safeguard the security of your data & apps.

Our 15 years of achievements includes:

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