Microsoft Power BI

Monitor your organization’s health effectively With Business Intelligence and data visualization.

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Services we offer
Terralogic Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (BI) allows you to visualize your data and share insights, data, and reports across your business.
Custom Visual Reporting
  • Visualize your reports with interactive data, formatting tools, and visual analytics.
  • Easily integrate with other Microsoft cloud services.
Collaborate & Share Reports
  • Share live reports for other team members.
  • Create collaborative workplaces among team members or organizations.
Work from Anywhere
  • Access insights from anywhere with the push notifications to view data in real time.
  • Monitor and secure your data from cloud-based sources directly from your phone.
Embrace the potential of Power BI
Easy to Use

Access insights and data in real-time across platforms to understand what is going on in your organization.

User Flexibility

Share reports and dashboards across your company conveniently by your mobile device.

Real-time Information

Explore opportunities or handle issues in business accurately with live updates.

Monitor your organizational health

Consult with our expert to explore ways to harness the full potential of Power BI and innovate your company's communications.