IOT/OT Security

Safeguard your devices and networks in any IoT/OT environment with our outstanding security solutions.

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With Terralogic’s expertise in a wide range of cutting-edge products and solutions, you gain an outstanding partner to guide you through the increasingly complex security solutions landscape. Terralogic’s IoT/OT security services encompass NIST SP 800-30, ISO/SAE 21434, and WP.29 frameworks.

IoT/OT Infrastructure

Our Approach

Secure Design

  • IoT/OT Threat Modeling and Risk
  • Secure IoT/OT Application design & Source code review
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Assessment for IoT/OT apps in the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid.
  • IoT/OT assets management

Secure Implementation

  • IoT/OT Application Security Assessment
  • Security Baselining for system components
  • IoT infrastructure identity and access management
  • Communication Channel Security
  • Incident Management Procedure Definition

Secure Operations

  • IOT current state security review
  • Integration of ICS alerts with SIEM
  • IOT Data lifecycle protection
  • Integration with the organizational incident management process
  • Stakeholder security awareness program
frequently asked


iot ot security is based totally on a cybersecurity method to protect IoT gadgets and the vulnerable networks they hook up with from cyber attacks. IoT devices have no built-in protection. IoT protection is needed to help save you information breaches due to the fact IoT devices switch information over the internet unencrypted and operate undetected by means of general cybersecurity systems. IoT integration in security systems complements surveillance and protection, however introduces vulnerabilities. robust safety features and regular audits are critical to mitigate risks and ensure the integrity and resilience of IoT-enabled systems.

The important difference between OT (Operational technology) and IT (Information technology) environments lies in their features. IT manages data processing and enterprise applications, while OT oversees commercial management systems in sectors like production and utilities. Bridging those nation-states demands sturdy IoT and OT cybersecurity techniques. Even as IT makes a speciality of records confidentiality, OT prioritizes operational continuity and safety. ensuring each environment coexist securely requires specialised measures from ot and iot security services, safeguarding critical infrastructure from capability cyber threats.

  • Security lapses in OT can result in a major catastrophe that destroys the entire infrastructure, including the utilities required for human survival. Pentesting these facilities will guarantee that a catastrophe is avoided and lives are saved.

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