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For years, our customers have relied on Terralogic to manage their IT infrastructure. We proactively monitor and manage networks and data to ensure our customers' delight.

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Our goal is to bring value-added business outcomes

By engineering managed network solutions

That is secure, reliable, and scalable, continuously monitoring the health of your IT infrastructure. For years now, businesses have turned to Terralogic to manage their IT infrastructure. Terralogic continuously monitors the health of its infrastructure and supports end-users' needs. Our experts recommend the right IT-managed support services tools to solve security issues. Rely on us to monitor and manage your network components like routers, switches, servers, and storage systems.



A state of the art IT infrastructure

Right from desktop virtualization, application virtualization, remote access, email migrations, server virtualization, cloud migrations, data center, and more for your company. From start-ups to the largest of commerce, Terralogic supports all company sizes and verticals with experience in healthcare, finance, education, non-profit, utilities, and construction, allowing organizations to secure data, cut costs, improve business outcomes, and maximize the benefits of managed IT services.


Terralogic’s IT service management

Experience with skill

Network operation center

Your business depends on the performance and reliability of your network. We help you to focus on your business and monitor and manage your network components like routers, switches, servers, and storage systems. We manage your NOC needs, be it a firewall, monitoring, wireless network, wide area network, device, local area network (LAN), or any issue identification and monitoring.

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    ERP Integration

    To recover lost effectiveness, businesses need to integrate ERP solutions to balance real-time vs. batch integration. We employ multiple ERPs to support to change the existing integrations to other applications and support data transformation and integration shift to choose an integration approach that is up to date with more modern protocols and later record. ERP solutions come with custom applications, custom adapters, easy to expand, incremental adoption, scalable, and distributable.

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    Project Accounting

    Opt for a proper view of the cost and revenue of every project. Our expense management or project accounting services can help you do just that. It enables you to decide whether any project is running at a loss or whether a new customer is eligible for a long term commitment. Project accounting helps in maintaining proper control over the project flow, effectively utilize resources, ensure appropriate and accurate billing processes, streamline processes, and save on cost and time.

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    Tools Migrations Service

    Our data or tools migration includes mapping fields between the two tools, deciding data import, and figuring out what to do with the data when the new machine, does not have an appropriate area to receive the data e.g. discard the data, re-purpose an area or concatenate the data in another, cannot support special characters contained in the data, preparing and testing scripts to extract and reformat the data for the new tool, import data in the new device, etc.



  • When effectively executed, a Managed Service (MS) is like gaining the capability of an IT Department with the expertise of seasoned professionals to deliver focused application operations to your company’s business application users. Simply put, an MS is designed to handle the daily operations of your specialized applications providing the capability to your company end-users and therefore allowing in-house IT to focus on more strategic IT programs, also freeing your team to focus on your business’s core competencies.

  • Businesses can benefit from managed IT service provider organizations in a number of ways. Expert Support: Referrals to skilled specialists for guidance and problems with IT. Proactive Maintenance: Frequent monitoring and support to prevent issues. Upgraded Security: Robust cybersecurity measures to shield information. Cost Efficiency: Predictable estimating and cost reserve funds contrasted with in-house groups. Focus on Core Business: Permits organizations to focus on core targets while IT concerns are made due. Utilizing managed IT services helps with further developing effectiveness, security, and generally business execution.

  • Managed IT Support Services and Software as a Service (SaaS) are not something similar yet are connected ideas. Managed IT Support Services: These envelop a more extensive scope of IT management, including framework, security, and technical support. An exhaustive arrangement frequently incorporates SaaS applications. SaaS: SaaS alludes explicitly to software applications conveyed over the web on a membership premise. While SaaS is a part of managed services, the last option covers a more extensive range of IT support, making them unmistakable ideas with some cross-over in functionality.

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