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Dashboard optimization

Analytical dashboards tell a more complete story than simply displaying raw data and are limitless in the breadth of data they can communicate in a single visual. Transforming data into information that is easily consumable and immediately actionable.


Tableau to Power BI Migration

Making data analytics accessible to everyone by delivering a low-code to no-code experience for all aspects of data analysis. Visually showcase complex datasets, and identify relations and trends.


Power Bi Services

Unify diverse data sources into immersive and interactive insights. Terralogic offers visually compelling data visualizations, transforming raw data into coherent narratives, and empowering decision-making. Experience the power of data visualization with us.


Report Development

We transform complex data into clear, impactful reports that drive informed decision-making. Our team delivers visually stunning and interactive reports tailored to your business needs, unlocking the true value of your data.

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With the help of our innovative data visualization services, you can maximize the potential of your data and discover insightful patterns that will help you achieve your goals.

Interactive Exploratory Analysis

Customized Dashboards and Reports

Visualize Trends and Patterns

Real-time Data Visualization

Collaborative Data Exploration

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Infographics and Data Storytelling

Our team of skilled data visualisation experts combines analytical prowess with design finesse to create compelling visual narratives that effectively communicate your data insights.

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Tailored Solutions for Your Business

We understand that every business has unique data visualization needs. We offer customized solutions that align with your specific goals, ensuring that you get the most meaningful and impactful visualizations for your data.

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Scalable and Flexible Solutions

Whether you have a small dataset or a massive data repository, our visualization solutions are scalable and adaptable to accommodate your evolving needs. We ensure that your visualizations can handle growing data volumes while maintaining performance and usability.

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Frequently asked


  • The propelling demand for data visualization has influenced a lot of businesses to utilize it to make the information more understandable and visually appealing. There are different types of data visualization such as Temporal, Hierarchical, Network, multidimensional, and Geospatial. Some examples of these data visualizations are bar charts, line charts, histograms, scatter plots, Venn diagrams, Tree maps, etc.

  • Since it converts complex data sets into understandable, visual representations, data visualisation is essential. In addition to improving understanding, this exposes patterns, trends, and insights that may be concealed in raw data. Data visualization facilitates better decision-making and communication across a variety of sectors by making information simple to understand.

  • The cost of a dashboard varies based on the requirements such as complexity, features, and technology you want in a dashboard. It also includes factors such as user experience, testing, quality assurance, and maintenance.

  • Data visualization in business analytics is a graphical representation of the data and resources or converting the information into a visual context to emphasize better understanding and decision-making in the context of business.

  • Data visualization gives hidden insights by reducing complex data to understandable visual formats. It reveals trends, identifies patterns, and allows us to make data-driven decisions. It enables organizations to get more out of their data by improving comprehension and communication.

  • Some of the top Data Visualization tools include Tableau, Power BI, and D3.js. These tools empower users to create interactive and impactful visualizations, facilitating data exploration, analysis, and presentation.

  • As the importance of data visualization is embraced, the need for business intelligence is also increasing. Being experienced and expertise in diverse tools and techniques, they create impeccable visualizations representing the data. Along with aligning your business goals, hiring a BI consultant will aid you in creating an eye-appealing and holistic representation of your business data for better understanding.

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