Managed Detection & Response

Our MDR combines incident response automation with people skills to deliver end-to-end threat management for a resilient cyber defense.

Offered MDR Services

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SOC Services

Our 24/7 surveillance team helps you strengthen your environment quickly and become more resilient, efficient, and vigilant by solving cyber-security skill shortages and scrimmaging new threats.

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Incident Response

Our wide range of automated processes, and technologies can be deployed at both the network and host layers which assist enterprises with their incident response needs.

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Threat Hunting

With advanced asset identification, threat detection, and response capabilities, we protect your network and endpoints & provide a secured environment.

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Threat Intelligence

We enable organizations to secure themselves by combining advanced analytics, threat intelligence, and human expertise to investigate and respond to incidents deployed at the host and network levels.

Why Terralogic as an MDR provider?

For any detected potential threat that is correlated and prioritized, We have a team of qualified personnel who will investigate the origin and scope of the attack. We hunt, monitor, analyze and respond to threats and perform continuous monitoring with centralized visibility.

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Our MDR Security

Threat Anticipation

Our Threat intelligence platform automates the collection, analysis, and correlation of global threat data including the latest attacker.

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Analyze Data

From your entire IT stack and security data and detect suspicious, anomalous activities for endpoint threat analytics.

Collect Continuous Data

Determine threats that might impact business and ensure the protection within hours of new, successful attacks.

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managed Services

Incident Remediation

The Security teams and incident responders utilize our advanced SOAR tools and solution to identify threats, break the kill chain, and drastically minimize the meantime to respond.

frequently asked


  • MDR services offer more than just improved detection and response capabilities. They also provide proactive defense intelligence and insight into advanced threats to potentially overwhelmed security teams. It reduces the dwell time of breached and improves the detection levels. Compliance challenges also can be addressed using MDR services by providing full stakeholder reporting and logs retention on a wide range of regulations and standards. Our MDR services provide high skill-level analysts who utilize cutting-edge security tools and up-to-the-minute global databases beyond the reach and cost-effective to suit any enterprise budgets, skill levels, and resources. Hence assisting in keeping up with combative strategies and techniques that are constantly changing.
  • MDR services do not use portals but rather more direct methods of communication with the analysts, such as voice or email. The main interfaces for MSSP are the portal and emails, with chat and phone access for analysts as supplementary options. MDR Services offers threat detection and response services that are available around-the-clock, monitors firewalls and other security-related infrastructure, actively handles threat hunting for unauthorised users on networks and endpoints, and does detailed forensics. A Team of experienced threat detection experts are available via phone, email, and text, access to global threat intelligence and analysis, and Integrated endpoint and network security technology.
  • Organizations must contend with rising security expenses and a competitive labour market for competent security analysts while dealing with what appear to be insurmountable security threats and campaigns. Enterprises of various sizes aim to increase protection, intelligence, and compliance without bringing on extra staff or resources. MDR can offer helpful security services that can support and satisfy an organization’s objectives:
    • Improved communication channels and round-the-clock surveillance are provided by skilled SOC analysts.
    • Your organization’s defences are managed by skilled security analysts without the need for additional full-time personnel or resources.
    • Endpoint threat detection and response service in its entirety.
    • Improved and extended threat detection coverage.
    • Expert examination of incidents and alerts, followed by appropriate action.
    • Proactive threat hunting.
    • Enhanced threat intelligence based on traits and actions gleaned from global insights.
    • Improved threat response.
    • Reduced breach response.
    • Enhanced forensics and higher-level investigations.
    • Vulnerability management.
    • High level incident response and log management.
    • Remove the burden ofdaily monitoring of security from your staff and budget.
    • Maintain customization and access to your company’s security measures.
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    • Reduced security investment, increased ROI.

    • Deep expertise aligned to your organization’s cyber security requirements and vulnerabilities.
    • Dedicated Security Analysts monitor your network for threats.
    • MDR technologies with integrated threat intelligence and advanced analytics embedded for precise threat identification.
    • Complete Security Event Investigations to relieve the strain of erroneous positives on your IT resources.
    • Creating individual incident action plans will help you defeat threats, limit damage, and speed up recovery.
    • Post-incident response and recovery assistance.
    • Compliance with regulations and audibility.
    • Positive impact on important cybersecurity indicators like cost per incident, frequency of incidents, and time to incident close.

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