Paperless Office Solutions with Document Management Software

By leveraging the power of technology and using document management software to streamline processes.

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use software?
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Why use software?

Storing your files in filing cabinets is an inefficient and ineffective method of collecting information. Consider how convenient it would be if you could simply click a button and be taken to the file or information you want. By using Document Management Software you can eliminate costly errors associated with filing and find the relevant information with a click of a button.
We provide turnkey document management solutions that include document management software, hardware, comprehensive training and implementation. By having all of the relevant information you need by clicking just
a few buttons, this software also increases collaboration, communication, mobility, and security.

Our Softwares
Opentext                             <br /> ApplicationXtender
Opentext ApplicationXtender leverages the power
of opentext’s Document Imaging and Data
Capture Technology to deliver flexible, scalable
strategies for your organization’s needs. Xtender
solutions provides a comprehensive data
protection and quick recovery solution for
Windows, hence increasing productivity. Several
Opentext-related solutions are:
WebXtender (WX)
Document Manager
Workflow Manager
Ascent Capture
Reports Manager
Laserfiche                             <br /> Run smarter
Run smarter
Laserfiche ECM provides the ability to establish
and deploy information management standards
throughout the enterprise while giving individual
business units tools to customize the system to
meet their specific needs. Talkingthe services that Laserfiche provides are:
Client And Server
Web And Mobile Access
Records Management Edition
Quick Fields
Audit Trail
Sharepoint Integration, SDK
Laserfiche Plus

ClickScan software will solve all of your filing and document workflow management issues, at an affordable price. It will prevent lost or misplaced files, reduce your filing space, and clean up your office, all while increasing your profits. Along with this, it brings a lot of benefits, including:

Full Indexing capability
Ease of use
Easy to learn
Multiple user access
Universal scanner support
Doclink integrator
Doclink integrator
DocLink is a custom software program developed
by us to provide seamless integration between
Application Extender, Laserfiche or ClickScan and
your core business processing software. It utilizes
a dockable or floating toolbar that automatically
launches scan/index or search functions within
the imaging software from your core process
application. It offers a wide range of benefits such as:
One click scan
One Click Display
Improved Efficiency
One System

Viewpoint is a cost-effective solution to viewing images scanned into your document management system. It gives a lot of benefits for businesses which include the following:

Instant easy storing
Smart searching
Integrated scanning
User Friendly

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