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June 13, 2024

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Since the world is advancing and becoming more hyperconnected, business dependency on the digital realm and infrastructure is propelling. Understanding the need for robust and smarter digital solutions for networking, business, and organizations increased the utility of these solutions to stand out from the competition. In such cases, SD-WAN which means Software-defined wide-area networking is a life-saver for most organizations. Even though you might be aware of a lot of ruling players of SD-WAN, Fortinet is the best choice due to its holistic approach to security measures and network optimization. 

So, this blog will aid you in understanding the various aspects of Fortinet’s SD-WAN solutions covering its features and advantages. 

Understanding SD-WAN

Before digging into the more insights of Fortinet, it is necessary to understand more about SD-WAN. Considering the traditional way, WAN always depends on the hardware-related routers that enable connections that are spread across the locations. The integration of cloud-based software and applications proved the necessity of accuracy and agility that is lacking in traditional WAN systems. Due to the increasing inefficiency and inadequacy that was visible in the traditional methods of SD-WAN, most organizations and businesses have decided to integrate and adopt the modernized SD-WAN approaches. 

Addressing the limitations and challenges, SD-WAN differentiates the control plane from the data plane, enabling centralized management including network traffic. Since this software is more agile and effective, it develops the path for the traffic across diverse WAN connections including MPLS, LTE, etc. considering the guidelines, policies, and conditions of the network. It leads to maximizing the performance of the application and embracing reliability. With a streamlined expansion of WAN to the diverse public clouds, it enables real-time embraced performances including Salesforce and diverse SAAS applications.

Fortinet’s Approach to SD-WAN

The SD-WAN solution delivered by Fortinet merges traditional networking with upgrading security measures, making it an impeccable pick for businesses and enterprises to smoothen the network infrastructure without compromising security. Here are the key aspects of Fortinet’s SD-WAN. 

Integrated Security:

Distinct from SD-WAN solutions and approaches that need additional security features,  Fortinet becomes the best choice with integrated strong security features within SD-WAN deliverables. It ensures the flowing traffic towards the network is secured from risk-threatening loopholes and high-risk areas with no complications. 

Secure SD-Branch: 

Expanding the ability beyond the WAN operations, SD-WAN emphasizes the network framework with its safeguarded SD-based approach. Considering and focusing on diverse networking and security functionalities in an all-in-one platform.  This way, organizations could easily automate and simplify the deployments and guarantee consistency in threat protection and policy enforcement. 

Centralized Management: 

With its centralized system and management, the SD-WAN solution of Fortinet provides visibility via the intuitive management interface and framework. The authorized employees or administrators can compose and monitor the policies of SD-WAN. This way, you can check the real-time traffic analytics, and respond to the network risks and events from a one-stop platform. 

Dynamic Path Selection: 

Fortinet’s SD-WAN has impeccable potential in choosing the optimal path for the traversing traffic considering the predefined guidelines and real-time network conditions. By emphasizing routing with application awareness and link remediation abilities, the business and companies guarantee reliability and consistent connectivity. 

Cloud Connectivity: 

Fortinet’s SD-WAN integrates cloud services and delivers streamlined connectivity to cloud-based applications and services. Approaching leading cloud providers and services with embraced setup abilities, the organization would experience an extended capacity of WAN with no compromise on performance and security. 

Advantages of Fortinet’s SD-WAN

Advantages of Fortinet's SD-WAN

Choosing Fortinet for an SD-WAN solution, your organization will experience impeccable advantages resulting in the modernization of the network infrastructure:

Secured Boundaries: 

The smooth implementation of advanced security functionalities into the SD-WAN solution helps mitigate high-risk areas without welcoming complications or hassles.

Maximized Performance:

With an active path selection and application-aware routing, Fortinet’s solution of SD-WAN controls application performance and delivers overall consistent user experiences even during wavering network conditions.


By emphasizing diverse WAN connectivities that cover low-cost broadband internet, Fortinet enables the business to minimize dependency on expensive MPLS circuits and monitor and maintain reliability and productivity. 

Automated Management: 

With the adoption of centralized management and automated abilities, Fortinet enables seamless network operations, and minimizes administrative overhead, resulting in rapid deployment of new branch locations or network deliveries.

Increasing  Scalability: 

Being capable of delivering expected scalability and adaptability through the services, Fortinet provides SD-WAN solutions for all types of business despite it sizes. Understanding the needs and requirements, Fortinet delivers the expected flexibility to fulfill the changing business demands. 

Real-World Examples

Real-World Examples SD -WAN

The impeccable features and functionalities of Fortinet’s SD-WAN solution and approaches make it the best fit for a broader range of industries. 


Retail industries with diverse store locations can utilize Fortinet’s SD-WAN to embrace seamless connectivity in different ways such as customer services, inventory management and systems, etc., along with managing PCI compliance and securing confidential data of customers. 


Healthcare providers can deploy Fortinet’s SD-WAN to interconnect hospitals, clinics, and remote medical facilities, enabling secure access to electronic health records, medical imaging, and telemedicine applications, while ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations.


The manufacturers who are scattered plants and production functionalities on different occasions can utilize Fortinet to analyze, optimize, and manage the supply chain procedures, emphasizing real-time collaboration. SD-WAN of Fortinet safeguards industrial IoT devices with no downtime and guarantees operational continuity without any hassles. 


Financial organizations including banks, and credit unions depend on Fortinet’s SD-WAN to deliver reliable connectivity for ATM networks, online banking services, and in-house applications to fulfill the regulatory necessities with secured boundaries to protect the confidential data. 

Reach the Expected Productivity with Fortinet SD-WAN via Terralogic 

Terralogic plays a vital role in transforming the business with Fortinet’s SD-WAN. It has become an easy way for companies to adopt the SD-WAN system by understanding the evolving trends and requirements. It assures that the SD-WAN is deployed effectively based on each business’s needs and environment. 

Joining hands with Fortinet, Terralogic delivers more than advanced technology and enforces innovative approaches. Terralogic’s partnership with Fortinet provides a pathway for the business to experience exceptional growth and tackle the networking hassles. 

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