6 Types of IT Managed Services You Should Know

December 20, 2023

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As the business constantly modernizes and grows, people are more prone to upcoming innovations and technologies. It’s time to understand that a business’s success primarily relies on adapting the latest technologies and trends to their operation, which will help stay ahead of the competition. One such adapting technology and service playing a crucial role in the field of business is managed IT services. By comprehending the potential, many businesses have turned to managed IT services to embrace productivity and streamline their operations.

But do you know there are different types of managed services that companies focus on for their business growth? If you are a novice to business, and interested in turning to managed services, you are at the right place. This blog will let you know the six types of managed services you should know. Before jumping onto it, learn about managed IT services and why it has become a necessity in the current era.

What is Managed IT Services?

What is Managed IT Services

With a proactive approach, managed IT services are effective practices of outsourcing the authority and responsibility of managing the operations and a set of processes to smoothen the workflows, enabling the business to focus on its core objectives and enhance the operations. The third-party service provider monitors and handles the network infrastructure to undergo a digital transformation and facilitate your business.

But the reason to consider managed services as a necessity is to address the concerns and challenges faced by the companies at the same time stay up to date on technology. The services such as IT support, communication, security, data backup, network administration, etc., are part of managed IT services. Here are some benefits of the managed IT services.

Facing downtime and electrical disruptions are the crucial issues faced by businesses, leading to many interruptions and affecting productivity. That’s why managed IT services play an irreplaceable role in minimizing downtime.

Implementing managed services will help you redesign the IT infrastructure and automate workflows to save time so the team can focus on crucial tasks and innovations. 

If you are running a business, you might have faced sudden network issues disrupting the workflows. With a comprehensive AI approach, your systems will be monitored remotely through managed IT services.

6 Types of Managed IT Services

6 Types of Managed IT Services

IT Consulting

To acquire sustainable growth in the business world and stand out from the competition it is necessary to harness your IT potential. In such cases, IT consulting is a necessity rather than a luxury. Understanding your business concerns and goals, managed IT services provide IT consulting, which aids in strategic road mapping and redefining objectives. By implementing this service, you will experience enhanced collaboration, productivity, and profitability. Approaching an expert IT consultant will aid you in aligning the latest technology trends and strategies with your business objectives and goals.

Are you concerned about the high-risk areas? IT consulting plays a significant role in identifying and mitigating the high risks and potential threats to enhance the efficiency and security of your business.

End User Services

Having a role in embracing the overall experience of individuals in the organization, end-user services in managed IT services are specifically created for the IT support channels and end-users. This service ensures that users are getting access to the necessary tools, assistance, and other resources to perform their operations and tasks effectively.

Among the wide range of offerings, end-user services include problem resolution, where the issues encountered by the users are diagnosed and resolved. Their offerings are expanded to software and hardware management, including installations, updates, and resolving troubleshooting.

On-site Services

Also known as managed field services, on-site service is a service through which technical IT support and other related IT services are provided to specific locations based on the clients. It is considered one of the significant offerings necessary to ensure the efficacy and data and network security of the organization.

The services include hardware installation and configuration such as routers or workstations are enabled by on-site technicians. It also includes software installation and support to ensure all the systems and software are updated and running effectively. With a local help desk, on-site services in managed IT also provide user support to address and resolve end-user issues. In addition, it also includes embracing data integrity with regular testing and maintenance of backup and disaster recovery.

Cyber security Services

You might be aware of third-party issues and potential threats affecting the business and companies. This unforeseen disruption will have a severe impact on your business growth. That’s why it is crucial to monitor the loopholes to prevent threats and phishing attacks.

Many companies and businesses, knowing the necessity and role of cybersecurity have started approaching cybersecurity services. To secure confidential data and networks, a managed service provider would be a great choice for you to pick the right cybersecurity service or network security for your business. The cybersecurity services delivered by MSPs involve firewall and network security, vulnerability assessment, identity and access management, etc.

Cloud Service Management

As said above, the enhancing competition in the digital world has increased the challenges for companies and businesses to reach heights and stay ahead in the future. In such situations, cloud services have a crucial role in automating, simplifying operations, and streamlining workflows.

Cloud services or cloud computing is an IT approach through which diverse services are hosted or implemented by third-party providers delivered through the internet. It includes data storage, databases, networking, etc. The main motive of cloud services management is to save time and make operations at ease without any hassles.

One such cloud approach is SaaS- Software as a service. It aids the users by delivering software applications through the internet without being installed. Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are examples of SaaS. Azure is one of the constructive cloud service providers, delivering software solutions with a high level of security to the user and their systems.

Infrastructure Support

Building a strong IT infrastructure is a crucial part of the growth of the business. To build an effective framework for enhanced productivity, the organization approaches third-party support such as managed service to rebuild the infrastructure and streamline the workflows.

The aspects involved in the infrastructure support provided by the managed services are networking support, backup or recovery, deployment, and configuration. These services are implemented to diminish the complexities and simplify the workflows to focus on the core operations.

Choose the Right Managed Services for Your Business

These are the various types of managed services that most managed service providers offer to the business. But, as the demand for the services is increasing, there is a proliferation of managed service providers, and it becomes difficult for the users to choose the right one. From building a strong infrastructure to securing your networks and data are included in the managed services.

So, it has become significant to study these services and their role in building the steps for your organizations to walk higher. Through appropriate research on the services, you will discover what you are expecting from a managed service provider.

It doesn’t matter which MSP you choose, you should make sure that they deliver 24/7 hours of technical support with a holistic approach to utilizing the latest trends and technologies. 

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