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5 Major advantages of microservice architecture

May 15, 2019

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“Although microservices are present in the industry for a while they are now gaining popularity in the developed systems. Microservice is an approach for the architecture application and its development. Microservice is an architectural style and work in well-defined interfaces. The microservice architecture provides standard goals for the business. A specific code is used which is broken down into small pieces and each piece plays a very important role for supporting a single function. This is a unique method of the developing system which is gaining popularity in the past few years.

Apart from breaking the code into smaller pieces we also need professionals who know how to interconnect the services and check their appropriate sizes. The architecture of your microservice needs to construct very thoughtfully so that not any kind of new complicated legacy is produced. It is all about getting the right balance in this microservices field. Wide range of devices and platforms are supported by this microservice architecture which will provide you with more options for your business development.

Are you still not sure that microservice will work for your architecture then you don’t have to worry at all? We have gathered five business and technical benefits of microservices architecture which will help you out in making a wise decision:

1. Simplicity

The basic feature of microservices is its simplicity. Applications are easily maintained and created when they are divided into smaller fragments. Code management also becomes less painful as every microservice is itself a separate code. Different types of databases, programming languages and architecture environment are present for implementing these microservices. Any problem will not affect the whole system and failure of the single microservice can be compensated in really less time.

2. Organization

Instead of building projects, microservices allow the production of products. Teams are invited by the business architectures for developing the functionality of business instead of writing codes. Business capabilities are the main concern of this team other than technologies. It means that these technologies can be used for multiple purposes. One architecture microservice can be used for more than one business approaches which depend on the need. Every service is developed by a different member of the team. The organization plays a key role among the business and technical benefits of microservices.

3. Improved productivity

The microservice architecture tackles the speed issue of applications and its productivity by dividing it into small parts. In this way, these applications are developed and maintained at a very fast speed. Different teams work independently without waiting for the other team to finish their chunks of work. In this way, separate microservices are easier to locate and modify. Quality assurance of this microservice architecture is very fast as the programs which are developed early are tested instead of waiting for all the programs to be completed.

4. Flexibility

As we know that every microservice can be written by using a different technology. This feature has simplified the selection procedure of the technology staff for your specific services. Decoupled services which are written in different languages exist peacefully by this microservice architecture. This is a very good answer to all of your problems if you are looking to scale up your business in future. Microservices can add special features to your services regardless of the interconnection of all the applications. New features are easily cranked by these microservices architecture.

5. Independent teams

For distributed teams, microservices is known as a blessing around the globe. Development of your business can be complicated if you are working with teams which are present in different regions of the world. It can also become messy with time. Independence is provided by these microservices products to all the business community and it will allow you to make technical decisions in a very small amount of time. So, if you are working on a large solution then microservice architecture will be the best choice for you. Teams will not interfere with each other and will work in their own respective manner.


Microservices offers a great amount of modularization, offers flexibility, provide high speed and make big solutions very easy for all the distributed teams around the world. Microservice architecture is a complete package and provides all the necessary and essential benefits that are required by the business industry. It all depends on your choice that which system you want to use. But in terms of reliability, independence, speed and other various important factors microservice architecture is the Top IT Solutions of your dreams.”

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