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Hassle-free and cost-optimized remote working

Virtual Hosting Service

Our cost-effective Cloud Desktop Services hosts Desktop operating systems, software, and applications in a single, centralized, remote desktop location with Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Remote Desktop (DaaS)

Get all the line-of-business software across a wide range of industries like tax, finance, accounting quickbook, law, healthcare, software development, and more – all with a smooth desktop experience.

Cloud IT Infra

The modern business needs a capable cutting-edge virtual IT infrastructure with minimal disruptions. Terralogic helps to host your virtual desktop systems in our most-developed data centers across the globe.

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Virtual Desktop Services aka Cloud Hosted Desktop, represents Desktop as a Service (DaaS). The remote workspace concept brings about solutions like remote desktop virtualization, cloud virtual Desktop, VDI, or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Many organizations are looking for platform transformation to a cloud-based environment. VDI providers assist these companies in the cloud-hosted virtual desktop infrastructure, migration, configuration, security, and management of the related operating systems, legacy programs, and applications. Remote workspace is a mechanism that enables the use of a virtual desktop anytime, anywhere through any device. This delivers a seamless experience to every user irrespective of location and device they are working from.
  1. Get Secure and reliable high-performance virtual desktop infrastructure
  2. Real time monitoring of the software patches.
  3. Managing regular updates 24 x 7 for the virtual IT infrastructure.
  4. get configured with the daily backups to happen automatically and get stored in our secure data center
  5. Physical presence is not needed when your whole team becomes productive remotely.
It is dependent on your applications and their system requirements. The degree of difficulty depends on the number of applications you want to move on a Virtual Desktop, and the process is quite like migrating from one physical Desktop to another. Check with our technical experts (vdi inquiry form link ) on the ease or difficulty of migration of your software on a Virtual Desktop.
  1. Professionally Managed VDI Services
  2. Security & Protection with managed access
  3. Managed OS & Software Updates
  4. Persistent & Non-Persistent Configurations
  5. Cloud Based Availability, Reliability, Performance
  6. Flexible & Scalable Configurations
  7. Lower IT Operational Costs
  1. You just need a smart device with connectivity to access your business desktop anytime anywhere.
  2. Cloud hosted virtualization services reduce excessive hardware requirements.
  3. Outsourcing to specialized lower cost virtual desktop vendors can reduce your infrastructure costs.
  4. Business owners can focus their time and efforts on pursuing business goals rather dealing with resources desktops and associated software applications
  5. A hosted virtualized desktop services from Terralogic facilitates you a cloud based remote desktop environment with 24 x 7 support at low cost
Remote workspace is a mechanism that enables the use of a virtual desktop anytime anywhere through any device. This delivers a seamless experience to every user irrespective of location and device they are working from.
To maintain the business continuity, your enterprise must be ready to address any unforeseen situations. Mobile workspace solution enables your workforce to access the files and apps as if they are in office. Also, it delivers a consistent experience to your users throughout.
While we specialize in a wide range of industries, we solve specific Technology problems with leading cross-industry approaches, expert and advisory services in the areas of Digital Transformation, DevOps, Internet of Things (IOT), Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO and User experience (UI/UX) design solutions. We approach technology from a business perspective with business value creation at the forefront of our objectives. We not only develop business-driven technology strategies, we also bring development, implementation and operating services to our clients. We serve 360-degree technology solution, right from product conceptualization to product maturity in a broad range of technical skills through experts with an acute eye on stability and boosted productivity. Terralogic owns a 1000+ of strength and an experienced management syndicate who are disciplinary best-in-class.
There are many benefits of using the Virtual Desktop Solution, the largest one being able to access your workstation anytime, anywhere and on any device. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can help businesses reduce their IT cost drastically. Data is more secure here since it is all stored on a server rather than the individual's devices.
Terralogic is a leader in providing remote desktop solutions from more than 10 years. Our cost effective approach has enabled successful implementation of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in numerous companies across all the verticals. Also our end to end IT services capability gives us an upper edge to implement and integrate the solution with any legacy system in place.

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