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TDS recently partnered with Yoakum county to index half a million land records to make them available to the public. This initiative is a major milestone in improving transparency and access to land records. The project aims to index records dating back to 1990 to make them available to legal entities and the public. This detailed indexing encompasses the book and page numbers, the recording dates, document types, associated names, and legal descriptions.

The project required a significant amount of effort and resources to complete. TDS worked in collaboration with Yoakum county to leverage its comprehensive records-management solutions and solutions for archiving, preservation, document management, and workflow solutions. The collaboration allowed for the digitization of the records that have a long history but were not publicly available before now.

The process of indexing the documents required the need for an efficient and searchable system that would enable the public to easily locate specific records, provide access to them, and make them available for public viewing. This process is often lengthy and tedious, but TDS tackled it head-on and, with the collaboration of the county, managed to get everything organized, digitized, and indexed in a relatively short amount of time. Once the indexing was completed the data and related images were uploaded to our CTWeb online search portal for public and private access.

CTWeb Online Search 

CTWeb online search platform provides an incredibly thorough and efficient way of organizing and uploading land records and other documentation. Streamlining the information retrieval process allowed for the records to be accessed more quickly and accurately. Documents could then be searched for and retrieved without the need for excessive paper storage and manual data entry. It provided a level of detail and accuracy in its search results that were previously difficult to achieve.

In addition to the search capabilities, CTWeb online search also provided users with a detailed audit trail that allows them to fully track and review their land records. All modifications, updates, and other activity undertaken with a document is recorded and tracked, giving users full visibility into the process. This provides a powerful way of verifying the integrity of the records and reduces the potential for fraudulent activity. 

About TDS

TDS has decades of experience in the document scanning industry and uses cutting-edge technology to ensure accuracy and security in its work. The company has grown over the years due to its commitment to sustaining the highest industry standards. To learn more about TDS and its most recent arrangement with Yoakum County, please visit www.terralogic.com or call (800) 644-7112.

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