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The City of Andrews in Texas is taking a new step toward civic innovation by working with Terralogic Document Systems (TDS) on a new project. To automate and improve operations for the City, TDS will put its Laserfiche document management system into use.

The transition of city records to digital format will start with the finance and city secretaries’ offices.

Laserfiche will give you the capacity to create and implement information management standards across the entire organization. The system will also enable the City of Andrews to alter it to suit its own requirements. Laserfiche embraces compliance, minimizes risks, and innovates record-keeping.

Laserfiche will systematically improve the city’s workflow because document imaging, uniform management procedures, and record-keeping are integrated into the fundamental system structure. With the help of the new automated procedure, the city will be able to do away with paper paperwork and enable effective team cooperation from a single location. This will enable them to fully utilize unstructured data.

Data security and maximum public benefits are the two main priorities in this procedure

All unstructured data will be encrypted and secured in document repositories with granular restrictions and secure access from all sides. Additionally, third-party risk will be less likely with streamlined vendor management. The City will be ready to offer strong, digital connections to all of its residents, enabling them to access public information and government services.

The City can gain from digitizing record-keeping as there will be more space available because paper records take up more space and require ongoing space renovations. This would also contribute to the efficient management and prevention of unnecessary, out-of-date, and inconsequential data, assuring efficacy and accuracy in daily operations.

Facilitated teamwork and trustworthy backups

The potential of backups, quicker report development, easy data retrieval, and the ability to get insights from studying systematized data all contribute to the advantages. With the aid of TDS, the City will be able to easily maintain organization while also setting an excellent example by lowering its carbon footprint. For a government organization, timeliness is crucial, and with electronic records and simplified routing for routine operations, there will be a big push toward being more prepared to take on greater responsibility.

The City of Andrews will be able to reinvent how its information is managed, safeguarded, shared, and presented thanks to TDS’ Laserfiche installation.

Visit TDS’ website or give them a call at (800) 644-7112 if you’re interested in learning more about the company and its new agreement with the City of Andrews, Texas.

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