Roswell Independent School District, New Mexico

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El Paso, Texas – We are pleased to announce the Roswell Independent School District has a document management system in place.

TDS recommended a turn-key solution using the Laserfiche suite of document management tools, which offers quick access to stored information, following a thorough assessment of the school district’s record management procedure. The Roswell Independent School District will now be able to personalize the information in their documents and enhance how their documents are handled, shared, and presented thanks to the introduction of the Laserfiche technology.

The project also entails digitizing more than 400 reels of historical student records-containing microfilm. In order to satisfy RISD’s requirements for secure storage and quick access, TDS will import and categorize these records into the Laserfiche system.

According to Matt Bowman, President of TDS, “this contract represents a big breakthrough in the educational industry,” and “We have been chosen to manage some of the bigger microfilm conversions, like this one. As the Laserfiche system is put into place, we’re excited to work with the school district to improve the management of their student records”.

Located in Roswell, New Mexico, the Roswell Independent School System is a public school district (USA).

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