Otero County Clerk’s Office, New Mexico

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Alamogordo, New Mexico, March 25 – Otero County recently chose Terralogic Document Systems Inc. (TDS) to examine and redact sensitive data from more than 1,000,000 important county clerk records. Social security numbers, license numbers, bank account numbers, dates of birth, and tax identification numbers are among the sensitive data that must be reviewed and redacted.

Documents to be Digitized and Secured

The TDS professionals will transfer the documents into a secure application with limited access during the review and redaction process. The project’s ultimate goal is for the Otero County Clerk to let locals access the web application without running the risk of private information being disclosed.

Regarding the review and redaction procedure for Otero County, TDS President Matt Bowman stated the following: “We are happy to be a key component of the Clerk’s move to offer the general public increased access to County data.”

In several counties around the nation, county clerks are increasingly taking the initiative to increase public access to their own records in digital format. The many advantages that digitization may offer to offices and teams in local government are starting to become clear to them.

The procedure will increase residents’ access to and control over their data

One advantage of digitizing county records is that it allows the public to see exactly how records are kept. The public will be able to manage their records directly through a digital application after the process is complete and they will have access to the data that the government now has on file.

For the staff of the Otero County Clerk’s office, the digitalization process has a lot of benefits as well. The digital system will make it simpler to manage, for instance, the data from the documents. In order to find the records they require in response to a local resident’s inquiry, office workers will no longer need to sift through hundreds of documents.

The reduction in storage space needed to maintain digital documents is another advantage of the digitization process. The office no longer has to store hard copies of documents in its storage facilities because digital records may be retained on secure servers. In order to better serve the local community, they may now.

About TDS

The document scanning and storage procedure is something that the TDS team has extensive experience with. They use the most up-to-date equipment and technology to safely scan hard-copy data and assist their clients in years-long cost reductions for document management.

Another illustration of the advancements TDS is making in the market is its most recent project with Otero County, which also emphasizes the company’s growing reputation for document management know-how.

Visit TDS’ website at www.terralogic.com or call (800) 644-7112 to learn more about TDS and its work with the Otero County Clerk’s office.

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