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Terralogic Document System has partnered with the New Mexico Law Office of the Public Defender to implement 500 user Laserfiche content management system in over 15 offices throughout the state of New Mexico. As systematically organizing the documents was the need of the hour so the department appointed TDS  for this project. Through this project, the law firm will be able to scan and digitize documents and store them on a hard drive or a cloud-based server, simplifying many aspects of day-to-day operations.

TDS has installed and configured over 80 Canon desktop and production scanners in the offices with direct connection for Laserfiche scanning and data entry. These desktop and production scanners will help to process large amounts of documents also it can scan about 110 pages in a minute. With the help of these cutting-edge technologies, we provide secure and quick services with high-caliber results. A team will be assigned by TDS to carry out this project, assuring quality services and security to maximize customer experience.

Digitizing the case management process

As law firms have to concentrate on a high level of customer satisfaction as they have to give importance to billable activities. They have a lot of paperwork to manage which is confidential. Because of this, gathering and managing information takes a long time.TDS has integrated the Laserfiche system with the department’s case management system (Defender Data) so now as cases close all content will be migrated from Defender Data to the Laserfiche platform for permanent archiving. Legal document scanning services will help the organization save money, reduce the amount of physical storage space needed on site, and improve access to and discovery of legal documents throughout the whole office. Additionally, it facilitates easy data retrieval.

As part of the project, TDS will be scanning over 5000 boxes of records and importing them into the Laserfiche system for immediate access. The following are a few of the project’s key advantages:

Data Security – Data security is crucial for law firms since not employing a secure document management system puts the firm’s clients’ privacy in danger. Good & effective DMS gives clients peace of mind by assuring them that all of their sensitive data is safe and secure and by ensuring that no proprietary or confidential information is leaked.

Time-Saving – In files where scanning and indexing have been done, it is simple to manage and search for a specific document that the lawyer needs to choose to accomplish a work.

Reduced Risk – By digitizing important papers, the law firm can be sure that all of the crucial information is always accessible anytime it is needed.

Work Collaboration – All the papers and other data are centrally located and connected through a document management system, which also serves as a team communication tool. Attorneys and associates frequently cooperate on issues and lawsuits while working in a law firm. When a new development in the case occurs, the team members won’t need to copy and distribute papers. Collaboration is simple and they may easily share materials online.

Get in touch with us to find out more about TDS document scanning services and to get your free assessment. You can visit TDS’s website or dial (800) 644-7112 if you’re interested in learning more about their new agreement with the New Mexico Law Office of the Public Defender.

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