Lower Valley Water District, Texas

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After thoroughly analyzing the district’s records, Terralogic Document Systems proposed a turnkey, all-inclusive solution that involved converting the company’s current files and putting in place an internal document management system.

Customer Service, Procurement, Engineering, Finance, and the Executive Office are the five crucial district departments where the project’s first phase will be implemented. The following elements make up the TDS system:

  • Application Extender – An easy-to-use document management program with all the essential functionality organizations will ever need, including image import and export, scanning, indexing, viewing, and printing.
  • TDS ViewPoint: TDS was created to search and view software that has access to documents that have been scanned and indexed into Application Extender.
  • Canon Scanners – The DR M160 High-Speed Color Scanner has 60 Page Per Minute Scanning Speeds and Duplexing Capabilities.


The District’s end users will then receive training from TDS on how to use their specialized imaging workstations successfully and efficiently, giving them the ability to establish and create their own document management framework.

Terralogic Document Systems is looking forward to establishing another fruitful, local business partnership with the Lower Valley Water District as they are currently working on a number of initiatives.

Lower Valley Water District

The Lower Valley Water District (LVWD), established in 1986 as a municipal utility district, is situated in El Paso County, Texas, in the southeastern region of the country. Residents of the LVWD’s service region can currently take advantage of its water, wastewater, and solid waste services. The LVWD continuously submits financing requests to regional, state, and federal organizations in an effort to build sufficient water and wastewater systems for the 210 square miles that make up the District’s boundaries, which are located east of the El Paso City limits. Within the LVWD’s limits are the cities of Socorro, San Elizario, the Town of Clint, El Paso County Sparks Addition, Sand Hills, and the El Paso County Colonias. The Lower Valley Water District’s Board of Directors is made up of five people who are staggered-term representatives chosen by the district’s taxpaying citizens every four years. Providing water, wastewater, and solid waste services to the citizens of the Lower Valley Water District service area is a goal that the Board, management, and staff of the LVWD are working diligently to realize.

Terralogic Document Systems

TDS has been offering document management, electronic forms, and scanning solutions to government, corporate, and healthcare institutions across the USA as well as the Juarez, Mexico, manufacturing sectors, since 1995.

TDS, a full-service provider of document management, creates and supports solutions in the following fields:

  • Document Imaging Software
  • Electronic Forms
  • Document Conversion Services
  • Custom Software Solutions


Our consultation approach ensures that our clients obtain a customized, affordable solution depending on the features of their documents or records. More information about TDS is available on its website, www.terralogic.com, or by calling (800) 644-7112.

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