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The Gadsden Independent School District in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, has made the decision to convert its student data to digital format, and TDS has been awarded the contract for doing so. The project will be carried out in stages, and by the time it is finished, the district will have an entirely upgraded and automated way of operating. The district will be liberated from unattended file cabinets, never-ending paperwork, and storage fees as a result. It will give them a solid and effective framework that will make their daily tasks very simple.

The project’s first phase will involve converting student records to digital format. The historical student records currently kept on paper in unlocked filing cabinets, microfilm, and microfiche will be converted into almost 1.8 million digital images. The ClickScan Document Management System is the program being used for the project. The software has a straightforward user interface and is easy to use. Additionally, the district may avoid paying exorbitant storage expenses for paper and microfilm records because of this system’s affordability. It not only lowers these expenses but also lessens the likelihood of file loss or misplacement. Institutions with high paper usage are well-suited for ClickScan.

To facilitate the district’s transition, several Canon production scanners will be used. The capacity, paper size, and speed of these scanners vary. In order to sort your complete document and information system quickly and easily, you need the right setup and the right technology for document scanning. The project will undoubtedly profit from using Canon, one of the best products on the market for such requirements.

Full indexing capabilities are one of the advantages of this project and the software being used. As a result, the district will be able to index records using their desired criteria, such as student name, student number, date of birth, school, etc. This is a fantastic enhancement, coupled with multi-user access. To prevent unwanted access, you might decide to only share information with concerned or pertinent staff. Providing customer service or working with different teams is made incredibly simple by the ability to distribute access across departments.

The district staff now has access to the true worth of all the data included in their records thanks to TDS. Since daily chores are simplified, all of the personnel at your organization are motivated to focus on their primary obligations rather than wasting time looking for information. Additionally, ClickScan assists in averting any information loss-related catastrophes. The district will have access to file archiving and backup. This is advantageous because paper files are susceptible to hazards like fire or floods, which technology-related setbacks like computer malfunction cannot prevent.

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