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March 25, 2019 – Midland, Texas Concho Resources, Inc. recently stated that they have chosen Terralogic Document Systems Inc. (TDS) to carry out a significant document scanning project for the business.

TDS will collaborate with the independent oil and gas producer based in Midland, Texas, on the working project to scan and index more than 8,000 boxes of corporate records. Conchos’ business content management system will receive the digital assets produced during the project and import them for instant integration and distribution to stakeholders.

A record-setting contract for TDS

The most significant contract in TDS’s history was just inked with Concho Resources, Inc. Early 2019 will see the start of the project, with completion anticipated for 2020. TDS’ investment in the document conversion department’s infrastructure has been one factor in assisting it in meeting the requirements of this contract. Because of this investment, TDS is now better able to handle big requests and deal with tricky data scanning and sorting problems.

The project between TDS and Concho Resources, Inc. was discussed by TDS President Matt Bowman in the following way:

“We appreciate the Concho leadership’s strong faith in TDS’s outsourced conversion services”. In stepping up operations to handle this additional traffic, every department in our business has performed brilliantly. Additionally, we will hire over 25 more workers, which will boost El Paso’s economy.

The Evolution of Business Collaboration and Communication Due to Document Scanning

The project by TDS will assist Concho Resources, Inc. in maximizing the many advantages that document scanning may offer to contemporary businesses. For instance, businesses today rely on experts like TDS to create easily accessible papers that can be sent around work teams. One of the main advantages of document scanning technology is that it guarantees that data is accessible to groups of people working on the same network from anywhere in the world. Collaboration is limited by paper papers, whereas digital documents enable teamwork and close the communication gap that frequently results in low productivity.

The document scanning systems provided by TDS have another undeniable benefit in that they can assist businesses in reducing the amount of space that is needed inside their buildings. In filing cabinets and desk drawers, paper copies can occupy a significant amount of space that could be better used for other purposes. Physical storage space can be reduced by converting the data from the documents into digital form through the document scanning process. Employing TDS has allowed businesses like Concho Resources, Inc. to save money on office space while providing their staff with easy digital access to crucial office files.

TDS has decades of experience in the document scanning sector and uses the most up-to-date technology to guarantee accuracy and security in their work. The company has succeeded over the years because of its dedication to upholding the highest industry standards. Please visit TDS’s website at www.terralogic.com or contact the firm by phone at (800) 644-7112 to learn more about TDS and its most recent agreement with Concho Resources, Inc.

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