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The City of Carlsbad, New Mexico has just contracted with the document scanning and records management business TDS to scan important records for the City Clerk. Over one million pages of long-term city records will be scanned, indexed, and imported by TDS.

Early September marked the start of the project’s four phases, which should be completed by February 2020. Records relating to human resources and payroll are among those scheduled for import. The city’s content management system will import each image along with any associated metadata.

An expert project management team, made up of members of their top-notch customer success team, will ensure the project’s success.

Records management & full-service documentation

TDS offers complete document and records management services. TDS has over 24 years of experience in the document scanning sector, and they always use the most up-to-date methods to guarantee the security and accuracy of the papers they work with. Over the past few decades, TDS has been successful in the market because of its dedication to the highest industry standards.

Two certified document imaging architects (CDIA) who work for TDS are in charge of maintaining industry norms as well as the appropriate planning and execution of imaging systems. The Computing Technology Industry Association and a number of significant image software and hardware suppliers collaborated to develop and launch the CDIA accreditation scheme.

Document Scanning

The secure document scanning and imaging services offered by TDS will allow the city of Carlsbad to quickly access paper records currently kept in safes, binders, filing cabinets, and storage boxes.

The city of Carlsbad will benefit from more office space and higher employee morale as a result of TDS’s completion of the conversion of all city data to digital format.

As there would no longer be a need to hold space for the storage of paper records, the city can also anticipate improvements in business processes such as productivity, performance, and profits as well as a significant decrease in document management costs.

Improve Collaboration and Communication through Document Scanning

The city of Carlsbad will profit from document scanning’s advantages for large enterprises thanks to the work of TDS. TDS is assisting the city of Carlsbad’s inter-departmental communication plan by scanning and creating conveniently accessible documents. A document management system will enable quick electronic sharing of documents that need to be located manually and submitted to the appropriate department.

Paper-based documents, which can only be viewed by one person at a time, restrict interaction and cooperation. Because multiple users in various departments can simultaneously access the same information thanks to digital records, engagement and collaboration are encouraged. Bringing coworkers together will close existing communication gaps between the many departments in the city of Carlsbad, resulting in an improvement in productivity. You can read TDS’s website or contact them by phone at (800) 644-7112 if you’re interested in knowing more about their new agreement with the city of Carlsbad.

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