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July 3, 2019, Albuquerque, New Mexico – Recently, TDS (Terralogic Document Systems Inc.) announced the conclusion of a collaborative initiative with Bernalillo Public Schools. Over 800,000 pages of school records were scanned, indexed, and imported as part of the project. The documents contained information on students, personnel, special education, board meeting minutes, and financial matters. The Bernalillo Public School personnel will now be able to access and manage their data more effectively over the long run thanks to the project, which was finished in four phases over the course of four months.

The upgrade of the Laserfiche system used by the Bernalillo Public Schools is a crucial component of the agreement with that system. TDS has been hired to upgrade the system in order to expedite workflow procedures and enhance district operations.

What Bernalillo Public Schools Can Expect from This Upgrade

Data Management

The employees at the nearby Bernalillo schools will have more control over their data thanks to the scanning and importing of their student records. Data imported by PDS will now be instantly accessible from connected devices within the system at the push of a button, guaranteeing that data may be retrieved and modified. In the public education system, where businesses must constantly raise productivity levels to fulfill cost-efficiency goals, this kind of data control is frequently essential.


Another important benefit is that staff personnel of the Bernalillo school system will be able to automate many of their daily tasks across the entire district. It is possible to allocate administrative teams more effectively, and processes involving working data can be managed properly.

Going Paperless

Additionally, there are other benefits of becoming paperless that will now be made available to nearby schools. All industries are moving toward paperless data processing, and the public school system is no different.

The school system can raise the security of its data by transitioning to paperless operations. To safeguard the information of thousands of students and employees, they are no longer simply reliant on lockable filing cabinets and drawers. Only authorized individuals are able to access data thanks to the highest levels of security built into the Laserfiche system. Any data access incidents are documented so authorized staff members may know who accessed which data and when. That is the optimal setting for data security and enables the company to actively safeguard its employees.

Staff from diverse districts will be able to interact effortlessly utilizing the same documents thanks to the district’s shift toward paperless document management. They are able to work on the document simultaneously now rather than faxing, scanning, and sending it back and forth. Teams may manage documentation needs more effectively and revisions can be made quickly as a result.

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