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The Administrative Office of the Magistrate Courts in New Mexico’s 5th, 6th, 8th, and 13th districts has chosen Terralogic Document Systems (TDS) to handle a significant document scanning project. Over 2,000,000 pages of permanent magistrate court records will be scanned as part of the initiative, which will provide the courts with both immediate and long-term advantages.

Administrators may easily make the most of information by using secure document scanning and imaging services. Reduced document management expenses and improved productivity are the really measurable benefits of storing scanned copies of data.

In order to ensure excellent service and security and gauge client satisfaction, TDS will deploy a Customer Success Team to carry out this project. Perfect service is ensured by personnel that averages more than 50 years of experience.

The benefits of digitizing records

Courts can save space and money by digitizing records right away instead of having to shift and store paper files, which requires expensive building modifications. TDS uses a secure system that makes sure that these files are handled and stored safely. Once the files have been converted, the courts will gain better efficiency and performance in addition to more usable free space.

TDS is also introducing its ClickScan document management system in every court in addition to this. The document management program ClickScan offers all the practical features an organization needs at a reasonable cost. It makes records accessible to court clerks and enables effective data backup and recovery. Additionally, it guards against file loss or misplacement. The 16mm microfilm backup that TDS will give to the courts helps to assist this even further.

The benefits of easy retrieval and confidentiality

Overall, TDS’ scanning solution will greatly improve how quickly and easily people can collaborate and retrieve documents. Documents that are available online are not only simpler to save and retrieve, but they also enable court clerks to work electronically, which cuts down on the amount of time they need to spend looking for and distributing data. They will only need a few clicks to access everything, which reduces stress and boosts productivity. Additionally, it makes it simpler to grant restricted access when necessary while maintaining anonymity when appropriate.

You can visit TDS’s website or dial (800) 644-7112 to learn more about the company and its new agreement with the New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts. Contact TDS today to find out more about our document scanning services and to receive your free assessment.

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