What we did?

  • Smart home gateway
  • Mobile application
  • Cloud analytics

Client was able to add a cool factor to the single/multi-family homes without causing dent in the commercials for the renters of the units. The intent was to increase the occupancy rates through a win-win model.

Project Overview

The world is never interconnected before since the inception of Telecommunication Devices. With the entry of 5G, it is going to get even profound and a Gartner’s study states that the world’s 90% of the data has been generated in the last two years hence the IoT related Data and Analytics are in demand considering petabytes of data that is going to get generated in the future. Companies know this trend very well and started investing in this vertical more serious than ever. One such telecom based company approached Terralogic for AI solutions in their LTE business.


The Challenge

The company provides telecom services in major parts of North America and the UK, hence the business is very big, so is the data generated by their operation. The company wanted to have an AI-based monitoring and decision-making facility to identify key risks involved in their service such as to analyze call data, categorize it, identify the critical failure area and remediate the issue. By ensuring that the service does not suffer an already known issue and it will be easy to provide a seamless service.

Our Approach

The main idea behind the problem is to identify Good service from a Bad service. The critical part here is that because of so many factors to be considered before deciding on a service as Good or Bad, it is impossible to implement a rule-based decision-making system in place and there is risk of failure of such a system if the factors are going to change in the future, based on the nature of the service.

The second idea is to forecast the number of calls generated per minute based on various factors such as geography, season, trend, etc. By forecasting this the company will be able to allocate resources dynamically in an efficient manner and can automate subsequent down-stream processes. Our idea is

  • To implement the unsupervised learning technique to find anomalies in service and identify a bad service.
  • To use the RNN based Neural Network model to help forecasting call data

The goal is to provide the entire solution as a Data product where it will be easy to add such solutions in the future to this product.

The Solution

Terralogic built the home automation gateway which would integrate different IOT aware devices each talking a different protocol. Device type support was extended to integration of amazon echo for voice command control, with different sensor types controlled. Supported devices included smart-lock, smart-camera, smart-lightening, smart-thermostat, smart-blinds, smart-doorbell. The web and mobile application developed supported scalability and low-latency messaging including the intuitive user interfacing. The data collected from the IOT aware devices was pushed to AWS cloud for further data-analytics to provide inferences optimal usage of devices thus addressing cost optimization for the end users.


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