Together, Terralogic and a well-known figure in the home fitness sector developed a unique and groundbreaking mobile fitness application. This cutting-edge program, which is available on the iOS App Store under the name “Sense i”, transforms the workout experience with its extensive exercise library, customizable collections, and easy connectivity with the SmartWeight smart device. With the use of real-time activity tracking and guided workouts, the users were to be empowered to exercise effectively at home.


Mobile App Development:

The customer faced a challenge creating a complex mobile application that would work in unison with their exclusive hardware products. The app required to enable data syncing from these devices and adequately show fitness concepts.

User Experience:

It was essential to provide a captivating user experience. The application needed to direct users through exercises, allow them to make customized collections, and guarantee that workouts were performed correctly.

Smart Device Integration:

Real-time activity tracking, data syncing, and maintaining a consistent user experience across devices were among the technological difficulties in integrating the app with the SmartWeight device.


Complete Fitness Solution:

The main goal was to develop a complete fitness solution that integrated hardware and mobile app features to give users a smooth and efficient training experience.

Enhancement of User Experience:

By providing a visually appealing, intuitive & user-friendly interface with guided workout features, personalized collections, and precise activity tracking, the aim was to increase user happiness and engagement.

Market Expansion:

The client wanted to draw in more users, propel market expansion, and become a leader in the at-home fitness sector. To that end, they developed a premium fitness software that integrated seamlessly with smart devices.


Enhanced User Engagement:

After its release, the client had a notable increase in user engagement, which was ascribed to features like guided exercises and tailored collections.

Improved User Retention:

Because of the app’s tailored approach, users were more likely to stick with their fitness objectives and experience higher user retention rates.

Positive User Feedback:

The app’s user-friendly UI, real-time activity tracking, and seamless connection with the SmartWeight gadget have all been highly praised by users.

Market Recognition and Revenue Growth:

The successful launch and positive reception propelled market recognition, making [Sense-i] a big name in at-home fitness and driving revenue growth through premium features and in-app purchases.


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