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As a leading provider of cloud hosting services, we are committed to delivering reliable, scalable, and secure solutions that enable businesses to focus on their core operations without worrying about their website’s availability or performance.

In this case study, we will explore the challenges our EdTech client faced before choosing our hosting services, the solutions we provided to address their needs, and the benefits they have gained since migrating to our platform.

Through this case study, we aim to demonstrate the value of our cloud hosting solutions and how they can help businesses like our new customers succeed in their online ventures. We will highlight the key features of our hosting platform, such as high availability, robust security, and flexible scalability, which have enabled our customers to achieve their business goal.

Problem Overview

A healthcare education company based in the USA had been hosting its website on Azure for several years, but its lean support team was unable to manage and maintain the system effectively. With limited resources, the support team struggled to keep up with the website’s demands, resulting in prolonged downtime and decreased efficiency.

Furthermore, their current outsourced development team was only able to assist on a need basis, with a turnaround time of 12 hours or more. This delayed response time further impacted the website’s uptime, resulting in lost potential business opportunities and affecting the company’s reputation and brand image.

As a company providing a comprehensive education for healthcare, they needed a reliable and efficient website hosting solution that could provide them with round-the-clock support. However, they also needed to keep their costs under control. Finding a solution that could meet all their requirements without compromising on the quality of service was a significant challenge for them.

They realized that they needed an IT partner who could manage and host their website on their behalf, providing them with faster response times and greater efficiency. The company sought an IT partner who could deliver a private cloud solution with 24/7 support, powered by Microsoft and Citrix technology, at a lower cost than their current solution.


  1. Inefficient and Slow Support:

    The client did not have the necessary expertise to manage their website The client had a lean support team to manage and maintain their website hosting system. Their current outsourced partner was a development team that only assisted them on an as-needed basis. This resulted in a turnaround time of 12 hours or more, which caused frustration and delays for the client. As a result, they needed an IT partner who could host and manage their system on their behalf, providing the necessary support and expertise.

  2. Lack of Expertise:

    The client did not have the necessary expertise to manage their website hosting system effectively. As a result, they needed an IT partner who could host and manage their system on their behalf, providing the necessary support and expertise.

  3. High costs:

    Client was looking for a cost-effective solution that provided the same level of backup and DR as their current hosting provider, but at a lower cost. They wanted a solution that would allow them to focus on their core business activities while ensuring that their website hosting system was running smoothly.

  4. Industry-specific Requirements:

    The client operates in the healthcare education industry, which requires specific compliance and security measures to protect sensitive data. As a result, the hosting solution needed to meet industry-specific requirements while also providing the necessary level of performance and support.

    Terralogic’s private cloud solution addressed all of these challenges, providing the client with a reliable and cost-effective solution that met their industry-specific requirements.

Our Solution

Terralogic’s solution for the EdTech firm was a private cloud solution, which was backed by 24/7 support and powered by Microsoft and Citrix technology. This solution provided them with the same level of backup and DR, but with 20% less cost.

The private cloud solution allowed our client to have a dedicated cloud environment, which was tailored to their specific needs. This meant that they could run their website with ease and have the flexibility to scale their resources as and when required. The cloud environment was also fully managed by Terralogic, which took the burden of maintaining and managing the system off the client’s shoulders.

The 24/7 support provided by Terralogic was crucial for them, as it ensured that any issues would be addressed on time. Their lean support team was relieved of the responsibility of managing the system, and could now focus on their core business operations.

The use of Microsoft and Citrix technology ensured that the cloud environment was reliable and efficient. This technology was chosen based on its ability to provide high availability, security, and scalability.


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