What we did?

  • An intelligent health tracker.
  • Real-time data sharing with data practitioners
  • User-friendly effortless experience
  • Exclusively for Diabetic patients

We build a smart healthcare solution that connects doctors/medical practitioners to diabetes patients for better medical monitoring, more precise diagnosis, and more effective treatments that will make the patients live healthier.

Project Overview

The idea was to help diabetic patients live a better and comfortable daily routine and life. An application that follows their daily plan as known as the treatment protocols that have been set by their doctor. So that the doctor has real-time access to his patient’s daily diabetes data that reports to the doctor monitoring view. This app quickly collects and smartly analyzes data to provide informative monitoring and timely alerts of each patient profile. Based on these critical real-time data, the medical team provides precise treatments and support to the diabetes patients no matter how far away they are from each other.

The Challenge

The challenge was to bring the doctors and medical practitioners’ to a single monitoring tab. This application intends towards the central application of the solution that will receive, handle, and display all incoming data reported from the patient’s app. Therefore, high stability, excellent performance, and real-time display are vital requirements of the development. On the other hand, a lightweight application, fast building, UI consistency on a wide range of mobile devices, and easy-to-use are all required to do for the patient app.

Our Approach

This diabetic health application is a well-defined app, custom made for typical and critical diabetic patient situations. The app tracks the glucose-meter, monitors glucose continuously, insulin checks, patient diet, and connects with the required help and information in the event of an emergency.
The application works seamlessly with your smart devices (Android/IOS), and your medical expert, where they can guide the patients day-in-day-out. This application is not familiar to the other health apps available in the market today for very obvious reasons. This diabetic app demanded a clear and in-depth understanding of the viewpoints of the product builder, the medical practitioners, and, most importantly, the user, which helped us understand their pain points better.

The entire solution revolves around two main components:


One is the Monitoring app, wherein only the doctors and nurses can use the product as per their medical guidelines seamlessly. And the other part is the Patient App, wherein a diabetic patient or a caretaker of one can easily access the needs of the patient with minimal interactions.

The Monitoring application for medical practitioners designed for a tab app such as an iPad, which is primarily doctors and nurses use.
The expectation that became the outcome was for the product to work perfectly well with very high performance and real-time features, especially on iPad Pro.
The Patient App is built on a React Native, a cross-platform framework that offers faster development, lower cost, and consistency between platforms (available on both iOS and Android).

The Solution

The problem was complex, and we simplified the solution into a state of the art interactive platform for continuous monitoring of diebetic patient vitals by their medical experts. The Monitoring Tab App was built on iOS Swift 3 with the Asysnc Programming in Swift & Asysnc task of GCD. Asysnc task of GCD helped us build up a real-time tracking dashboard. Parallel to this, we had to make multiple high-performance components and get them working together seamlessly.
React Native and Redux was the cross-platform framework for a state management layer that provides a lower cost of implementation. We also implemented one single code base for both iOS and Android), maintaining high consistency between platforms. The communication channel of the system is based on Restful APIs and built on Express Node Js framework.


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