Azure Managed Services

Manage your Azure resources with our holistic, integrated services.

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Why adopt Azure Management Services (AMS)?
Microsoft Azure offers numerous applications and services with endless options. This wide range of possibilities might create challenges to continuously maintain, organize and protect. That is the reason why you should utilize Azure Management tools to monitor your Azure infrastructure effectively.
The Challenges of Choice
  • Everyday, you have to manage a lot of information, from load balancing to web apps. The risks of losing data or lacking backup solutions might lead you into big troubles as problems continue to appear.
  • Terralogic supports you in foreseeing possible issues and preparing solutions when they arise.
Azure Management Methodology
  • Deploy changes with proper management that ensures everything is functioning optimally.
  • Terralogic develops a management platform that works alongside your services to establish a cohesive and consistent Azure-based system.



Data Backup Solutions
  • Secure data, networks, and business assets by establishing business continuity through Azure
  • Azure systems with its remote data backup can protect data securely. Your services and machine learning will be enhanced by disaster recovery with cloud security, which keeps you one step ahead.
Confident Control with Azure Governance

Azure Governance is a set of concepts and services that helps you organize, structure, and manage your subscriptions easily and automatically.

  • Create and deploy native Azure packages
  • Define, audit, and remediate support
  • Establish a hierarchy by grouping and monitoring subscriptions
  • Use command-line tools to get intricate details about your Azure resources
  • Scale your resources on demand by exploring, exposing, and understanding everything in your Azure Cloud 


Secure Your Azure Investment with Terralogic Oversight

As a certified Microsoft Azure Provider, Terralogic can provide the management tools and expertise you need to protect your investment.