To continue to be a widely recognized and highly reputable IT service and software development company, Terralogic puts ISO accreditation processes through QEC, resulting in the achievement of QEC certification.

For the past decade, Terralogic has had the opportunity to be on the other side of the table during the CMMI certification process successfully achieved CMMI® Level3 maturity rating for India & Vietnam location! https://www.terralogic.com/updates/terralogic-is-now-cmmi-level-3/ CMMI® is a capability maturity framework with the essential elements of effective methods for increasing performance.

Why ISO Certification?

Terralogic felt it was necessary to put an accreditation process through the same type of review. In evaluating various accreditation and certification options, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 quickly deemed to be the right fit.

Terralogic is now accredited for the next scope of services statement of applicability with the provisioning of Digital Transformation, Software Services, Enterprise Support, Enterprise Solutions supported by Information Technology Operations, Human Resource Department, and Security Operations Centre.

In addition to the above, Terralogic continues to conduct internal reviews and checks on every project and processes, execute curative plans, and measure the ongoing effectiveness of the system.

Terralogic is all about futuristic technology services for the connected world. We hold personalized business care for each of our customers, fixing a keen eye on the real-time problem, precisely the way our customers view them. Our structure ensures engineering expertise by fulfilling business needs and meeting customer expectations at the same time.

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